Hey im 16 with long hair that stop to my shoulder. i have been transitioning to natural hair for almost a month now (it will be a month Nov.1)but it has been hard so far b/c im running out of styles to wear my hair while im transitioning.the ;ast time i got a perm was Aug before school started but after the perm i kept on getting my hair flat iron b/c its so thick. but Oct. 1 i made a promise to myself that i wouldnt get a perm nomore and i wouldnt put no heat in my hair while during the transitioning. its been going good so far have not been putting heat on it at all. but sometimes i ask to myself should i just go ahead and do a Big chop. but when i really think about it i cant do it. Need alot of advices......NewB...... 1Month Natural so far
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Congrats on making the decision to transition! This journey is a very personal one and I have to say that whether you ultimately decide to BC or transition for the long haul it is up to you. The only thing I will say is to make sure you do your research. Look at youtube vids, check out blogs, websites, etc related to all the advice you want and/or need. If you get tired of doing your hair or get frustrated then try braids, corn rows, wigs, weaves,etc to give yourself and your hair a break...especially before you decide to BC. Imo you can always afford to wait another week or even month to try a hair style before Bc'ing but if you go ahead and chop and end up hating it then it can take a major toll on you emotionally if you aren't ready for it...especially if you don't have added support in the form of family, friends or a SO. Good luck and feel free to post as many questions as you need to!
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