My daily routine consists of Deva One Condtion, scrunch with a t shirt, and scrunch in Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam. Once or sometimes twice a week, I use a clarifying shampoo. I color my hair with blonde highlights, so I want to keep them looking blonde. I noticed Deva prices are going up. I started using it october 2010 and since it has gone up 3.00. I just can't justify paying 39.95 for conditioner. I have to either travel 2 hours to get it or pay an extra 4 or 5 dollars shipping. I need an alternative that is just as good or better. I have tried TIGI Curls Rock conditioner, herbel essence extra moisturizing and I am currently using TRessme Naturals moisture conditioner. This is working good but I need something with a little more slip to help detangle. i do not use combs or brushes. i finger detangle in the shower.. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated..