@subbrock. Umm..maybe I didn't get my point across. I Love my daughters hair!! My way of thinking is just fine. Thank you, I think she is beautiful as well! I tell her daily how much I love her hair and that people would die for fair like hers. But she is 9. She doesn't care what I or any other adult has to say, she gets made fun of a lot in school. I think its ridiculous and try telling her they are all jealous and to wait til she gets older, they will all wish they were her. She is very shy and sensitive and if there is anything i can do or a product that will help lay her hair down I'm going to do it until she gets out of this stage and her confidence grows. So maybe you didn't understand my question or just don't understand how hard it is for her.
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I doubt her hair is really the issue. Kids are cruel. If you straightened her hair, they'd just find something else to tease her about now that they know it gets to her. If you think it's out of hand you should talk to her teacher.
Tell her it doesn't stop when you become a grownup. I've heard people criticize on of my coworker's hair for being too straight and flat. People are always going to talk. You can't control them, only how you react to it.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.