I am hoping all of you experts can help me out. I want to scream, cry, throw something and in general I am just frustrated and upset.
First question: Is there anything in MOPC curl defining cream that could have potential to dry hair out under the right conditions?
My story (hopefully abbreviated). I have gone CG for almost 2 years now. I have tried:
Curly Hair Solutions CK - stripped my hair of all moisture.
Then I tried Deva Curl. It worked for about the first two - three tries and then it either weighed my hair down, gummed it up and/or also dried it out. I figured it must be the protein and glycerin
Next I tried Jessicurl, both her light and rich systems. Although the FSG definitely gave curl, once again everything stripped my hair of all oil and moisture making it literally feel like straw.
Since then I tried numerous different products with no good results.
Finally I used the AO rose mosqueta conditioner to get my hair back some moisture. Then I went to co-washing with Suave and it seemed to work for about a month. I was using CJ styling products during that time, both of which have semi soluble silicones in them. After the first few weeks my hair began to get weighed down, probably from cowashing without being able to remove the silicones.
Most recently I bought some more CJ - the daily fix Cleansing Hair conditioner and the Smoothing Daily Hair conditioner. I also got the MOPC curl defining cream. For the first 1-2 times my hair looked fantastic. Big lucious tight ringlets, clumping, lift, etc. My hair was more like the 3a/3b that it really is. I even got compliments - imagine that. Usually I want to put a bag over my whole head.
Unfortunately things have gone drastically downhill since then to where I am once again at the point where the only time my hair feels like it was moisture in it is when it is soaking wet. As soon as my hair dries the curl gets pulled out primarily due to the dryness.
I have determined that I can not use the cleansing hair conditioners on a regular basis as my hair cannot tolerate their harshness (yes, they are harsh on my hair) but I do need to use them every once in a while (maybe once every 2 weeks) to strip out hair products that leave a residue.
Now I still need to figure out what styling product I can use that will not dry out my hair and I am hoping that MOPC is it. It really works when my hair is not parched.
I hope that using AO Rose mosquetta for a couple more conditions will bring my hair back in line then I will go back to co-washing every couple, three times and oly use the cleansing hair conditioner when I need.
Any feedback at all? Input would be ever so appreciated. I am starting to get very depressed over how horrible my hair looks.