Believe me, I understand exactly what you are talking about! I have very baby fine strands of hair and it is very kinky/curly....luckily, even though it doesn't look thick, I have lots of it...otherwise, after the Keratin treatment that was supposed to "make your hair in really great condition, fill in any damage, and make it shiny, healthy, and wavy instead of frizzy, I would have been bald!!!!! When I first heard about it, I decided to wait and see, as I do with most treatments that are new. I have learned from past experience. However, after about a year of rave reviews and having several stylists at salons approach me about this "amazing new treatment for curly hair that doesn't damage it AT ALL, and makes it frizz free, healthy, and shiny, I decided to try it. I figured I would try it once, and if I didn't like it, or it didn't work, no harm done, right??? WRONG!!!!! I swear, I feel like "going postal" on every stylist that told me how "great" it would be for my hair! While it was being done, I was really concerned, because my hair was wet with the solution all over it and she was combing it with a fine tooth comb, something I never do. Then she began to flat iron it, and I could see it smoking like crazy! I asked her several times about this and expressed my concern that the iron seemed too hot because I have baby fine strands, but she assured me that it was fine, and that this kind of extreme heat was necessary in order for the keratin (protein) to infuse inside the hair strand. She also went over and over the same section of hair again and again. My hair was not professionally straightened by any method in a salon. I used to blow dry it out after I washed it, but that's it...sometimes I would flat iron it, but maybe about once a month. I did color it about 4 times a year, because I had some grey hair (less than 30%), as I am 54. She kept assuring me that it was "not harming your hair at ALL, in fact, it is helping because the protein is filling up all of the spaces in my hair strand in order to make it smoother and frizz free"...she kept saying "you won't even have to blow dry it, and it lasts about 3-4 months. It sounded great, but I was thinking I would be very surprised if this was so, as nothing has EVER been able to straighten my hair before...I have VERY frizzy, curly hair, and I have all my life. When she was finished with the repetitive flat ironing, she rinsed or washed it out, blowdried it, etc. (I cannot remember exactly, as this was about 8 months ago. Anyway, it looked pretty straight when I left; almost "too straight", and was hanging in my face, which I found quite annoying, but she said I could not put any clips, pins, or anything in it for 72 hours, nor could I wash it (which drove me crazy, as my hair looked almost dirty to me). I normally wash it about once a week, but after a day or so my hair looked so dirty and gross! As soon as I could, I washed it. It felt kinda dry and weird, but I didn't think too much about it, as sometimes that happens after I get it colored, at least for a little while. However, it did NOT, AT NO TIME, look frizz free!!! It was VERY SLIGHTLY less frizzy, but I still had to blow dry it. I did not flat iron it, because I had just had the treatment. After about a month, my hair was even dryer than before, and I noticed that when I washed it and it had the soap in, it would get extremely tangled, and feel horribly dry and completely TRASHED!!! I was getting alarmed...kept conditioning it like crazy, but nothing seemed to help. I would also loose A LOT of hair everytime I washed it, as it was so incredibly dry and so so tangled, I could not even get my fingers through it! When I rinsed out the conditioner, this knotty ball of hair would slide down my wet hair and eventually end up at the bottom by my ends, where I would then pull it off. I did go back to the salon where it was given the "treatment", but I just got a "I've never heard of that happening" reply....I also talked to several stylists and all of them told me the same thing...we've never heard of that, and it is supposed to be non-damaging to the hair! Oh yeah? Well, guess what? It COMPLETELY TRASHED MINE!!!!!!! I was so angry and upset!!! I thought it would eventually "wear down" like most in salon treatments will do (including coloring) with persistant conditioning, but it has been about 8 months and it is still just as dry and awful as before, especially when I am shampooing it!!! I still can hardly get my fingers through my hair at all to wash it, or to condition it! Wanted to write you and let you know that you are NOT alone, and also to tell you DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, PUT ANY KIND OF PROTEIN TREATMENT ON YOUR HAIR!!!! BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT THIS, AS LOTS OF CONDITIONERS, ESPECIALLY "DEEP CONDITIONERS" HAVE SOME KIND OF PROTEIN IN IT!!!! I know that the only true fix is to get it "cut off", but I really cannot do that, as my hair is so extremely curly/frizzy that if I do I will look like a pubic head, and it will take at least 2 years before it will be even long enough to put into a pony tail to pull it back! I know this because once I cut it fairly short (about 3-4 inches long) and it was so freaking curly/frizzy, it was completely out of control, and it took years to get it long enough to pull back, which drove me insane! So all I can do, as you also, is to continue to condition/oil it, but NOT with any kind of protein AT ALL, but just "moisture", as someone else mentioned. I am leery of putting silicones on it too, as I understand that it can actually prevent your hair from "breathing", and can cause it to dry out even more, if it is used frequently, so I am sticking with jojoba oil (got a bottle at the health food store) and avocado oil (also at the health food store). I condition it every time I wash it, blow dry it lightly with a protectant in it, and then put oil on it every day, everywhere except for the scalp. Even though I have some grey hair and don't color it more than 4 times a year, I have decided to completely stop coloring it at ALL, because it is drying it out even more (even though that doesn't seem possible!) I loose SO MUCH HAIR from dryness and tangles when I wash it that it freaks me out, and I have to reassure myself that I still have a lot of strands of hair, by looking at it in the mirror after I have dried it! It is the ABSOLUTE WORST condition my hair has EVER been in, and I am 54, so that's pretty bad! I think the "keratin" people, and hairdressers should be sued, and I have never sued anyone in my life before! About a month ago, I did get one hairdresser to tell me that "it really is not recommended for people who have "baby fine" hair, because it can make it dry and brittle" Yeah, well, thanks a lot for telling me now, 8 months later, after telling me how "great" it would be for my kind of hair! I know you understand and probably feel the same...I am so, so sorry that this happened to you! I would tell all of you if you have, or know anyone who has, baby fine hair and is considering "keratin" treatment, DO NOT DO IT!!!!! RUN, do not walk, but RUN AWAY as fast as you can!!!!! 10 years of blowdrying unprotected AND flat ironing every time you wash your hair could not cause as much damage as one single "keratin" treatment will!!!! By the way, I had the "Keratin Complex Coppola" treatment!!! So NO processing of any kind, NO PROTEIN or DEEP conditioners, NO FLAT IRON, for I don't know how long, probably at least a year or more, or cut it off, and never let them (Keratin people) NEAR your head again!!! So, So, So, Sorry!!!! Hope this helps! Remember, you are not alone!!!

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