So I was still feeling under the weather yesterday so I didn't workout. I did however go back to my spinning class today and got a great workout in. I'm hoping to get at least 2 spinning classes in per week, 2 weight training sessions w/cardio and then 2 more days of cardio a week from this point on and making that my regular routine. Hopefully it will all balance out. I also did my measurements yesterday and I lost another 1/2 inch off my calf, hip and arm as well as another 2lbs!
Hair Type: A head full of THICK, normal porosity curls/coils that I am TOTALLY in LUV with!
(Transitioned for 16 & 1/2 months)

Loving: MC LI Condish, Raw shea butter, Coconut & Grapeseed Oil, SM raw shea butter shampoo,HEHH Conditioner, Braggs ACV & Egg, Mayo & EVOO PT's