Has anyone had a problem with their hair being too healthy? I have a combination of 2c 3a 3b curls and my hair is fine and medium thickness. It just seems that my few inches of new growth is very flat and doesn't have a lot of curl. It's super soft and feels good to touch, but it's just limp and I can't really seem to get a thick look to it. Help?
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That sounds like you may be getting too much moisture. Are you doing protein treatments?
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No, but I do use a TON of conditioner. I wash about 3 times a week using the condition wash condition method and I do my final rinse upside down and scrunch conditioner in before I get out of the shower. I didn't know you could over -moisturize your hair! I also use a curl cream so maybe I should lay off on the conditioner a little?
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You can absolutely over moisturize your hair and that sounds like exactly what you have done...limp hair...no curl. You have to have a moisture protein balance for TRUE HEALTHY hair so you not only need to lay off of soooo much moisture but you also need to incorporate some protein into your hair routine. How much will be up to you and your hair. You may do fine w/a over the counter product however I personally prefer to make my own bc I can control what goes in it. So do some experimentation but definitely get some protein in your life! Lol.

My goal is waist length hair. I'm about 5 inches away from it at the moment. I'll keep trimming whenever I feel is necessary. Since the summer I've been cutting 1 inch/ 1/2 inch every month to even out my hemline and get rid of stupid layers. My hair is very healthy. Never see any split ends. I haven't experienced much breakage because I was only relaxing the edges of my hair. I'll keep doing this for the next couple of years or so until is all natural.
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Congrats on being so close to your goal! I was initially thinking that anything longer than apl hair would just be too over whelming however I have been looking at Chimes youtube channel and I just adore her hair! So I have reconsidered Lol and I will probably grow my hair out to bsl curly bc with my shrinkage that will be waist length straight which I can deal with. So good luck to both of us on this growth and healthy hair journey!
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