Hi, my name is Rozie. I grew up thinking that I had the worst hair in the world. I would wash and press it and I could never get it as straight as everyone else's hair. When ever I went to a salon, they would go on and on about how thick my hair was.
I had heard that the worst thing you could do was press your hair after relaxing it, so why were all the beauticians doing this to my hair? I thought I was a hopeless case. Then on day, I started cutting my hair off, do to the damage and breakage. I had no idea what I was doing and accidentally cut to close to the scalp.
All I could do to fix the problem was to cut it all that low. This ended up being the greatest thing that I had ever done. My hair was cut so low that I could not even grip it with my fingers. But as it grew back, I realized that my hair was very nice and it grew back pretty fast.
It took a while for me to decide that I wanted to go completely natural, because my hair is a force to be reckoned with. It is so thick that if you touch it after sliding the pressing comb through it, you will burn your hand. I have broke my share of combs and brushes and strained my heart muscle more times than I care to think of.
But the reason I came to this site is that I need to find a product that will enhance my natural curls without drying it out, like the styling gel does or leaving it overly goopie like the curl activator does. I want something that gives my hair a nice natural shine, without weighing it down. I also need something that will not cost a fortune. Because I have a head full of long, thick hair, I run through products much quicker than the average person. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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