Okay, I read this entire thread. &every single one of you is a major help! I've only relaxed my hair Twice! The first time last august when I was 13, the next one this august (14 now)so I didn't have a relaxer for a whole year, before I got the second relaxer my hair was about 70% natural (which isn't that good because that means mostly all of my relaxed hair broke off because my hair wasn't even shoulder length, &it was past that relaxed) &I wish I would've never relaxed it again cause I could've been 1000% natural now (so yes, my hair does grow fast &I'm think my hair might be shoulder length natural in about a year &a half MAYBE) Yes I'm young but I know how to take care of my hair, I know what products are good and bad for my hair, I know how to detangle care fully and all that. I've been transitioning for 3 months (since august 1st) and I already have about 2 inches of new growth, my hair type is about 3b-3c ends of my all natural hair are loooser than the rest. I moved to my moms this september, &I've wanted to go natural for awhile but I didn't want my hair to look bad and my friends to be like whooa, but since I'm at my moms I don't care what people think about my hair, I'm moving back to my hometown next year for sophmore year &I really wanted to be all natural but as you ladies say, you really don't get that much growth in a year, SO I guess what I'm asking is do you think my hair will be at least a little bit above shoulder length by next august? Also do any of you have any tips, protective styles, products for me? This has been pretty emotional for me since I'm a freshman &you want to fit in. I would just like your guys' support &yeeah, sorry this was really long, I hope it made sense. I probably have lots of errors, but oh well. Also my hair is about and inch from being APL, &when my mom relaxed my hair it just loosened about of my hair, so it all looks texlaxed excpet for my ends which are bone straight.. (i will try to put up pictures sometime soon) so I think my natural hair might blend in w/ my "texlaxed" hair, hopefully you guys understand that. Also (sorry) I can scrunch my hair &my striaght-ends kind of curl up, but the rest of my hair gets Really frizzy! &I have A LOT of breakage &shedding wich I don't know how is possible because all I do is protective styles. I haven't got my cut since august 15th? &I must admit I do have about 2 inches of split ends D: which I am going to cut off sometime this month, so my hair will probably be able shoulder length. &JaylensMami10 you have Great advice!

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