I like to take a leave-in like Beauticurls or whatever and mix that with a little castor oil and apply all through my hair...then section off and seal the end with a butter or pomade (gonna use my hair grease this winter)...then apply a small amount of a firmer holding gel mixed with AOMM or CIAB to the section and smooth through.
Some combos
Leave-in, Komaza Califia Cream, gel
Leave-in/castor oil, Califia Pudding/CIAB or AOMM
Leave-in/castor oil, KCCC
CCCCL/castor oil, SSFHG
Leave-in/castor oil, seal ends, PMTTG

I love Paul Mitchell Tea Styling Gel all year long because I can get it on the ground, it doesn't dry out my hair and it kills frizz....a litttle of this mixed with CIAB is great over CCCC...the tea tree smell does go away. CQ or FOTE mixed with CIAB is great too. Komaza shea butter lotion is a great winter moisturizer that can also double as a leave-in. Giovanni LA Looks strong hold gel is also a good winter gel that you can usually pick up in the store. SSFHG is also non-drying with good hold and i almost forgot FSG...you can make that.

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