I also have a 2.5 year old curlie.. I find it hard trying to see if her hair likes moisture or protein as she's always rubbing her head on the couches or on the bed, it gets dry and frizzy easily no matter how much sealing I do.. ..

Atm she has a moisture/protein leave in with Shea butter and coconut oil mix sealant.. but I haven't tried gel before on her hair.. do you think it makes a difference? Mine sleeps on a mulberry silk pillowcase too but wakes up looking like krusty the clown .. do I need to do a night spritz before she goes to bed?? And what about 2nd and 3rd day hair? Do I need to do a spritz or another leave in routine??
"2 Something ATM"
Coarse, Medium- Thick, Normal Porosity

My Routine
Low 'Poo: curash soothing oatmeal conditioning shampoo
RO: tresemme naturals moisturising conditioner
LI: tresemme naturals/kinky curly knot today
Seal: mix of shea butter/coconut oil

waist length hair & finding a sexual cheapo leave in conditioner for both me and my daughter