Artemis, I hope you are still around and willing to revisit this old thread! I've just come to learn that my hair has low porosity and I've been doing BS/ACV rinses about once a month but for different reasons. I have hard water, I also like heavy products which tend to build up due to my low porosity and the BS/ACV has really helped with the build up! My hair is instantly shinier and curlier but I am wonder is it the BS AND the ACV or is it just the ACV?

I read the CG book early on and only followed Massey's recommendations regarding the BS/ACV rinses for build up but perhaps the baking soda is unnecessary and possible damaging?

Have you done any further research into this?
3a/b, fine texture, low porosity, normal elasticity, mod-CG 7/11/11

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Like BS/ACV rinses, limit protein/humectants.