1. My grandmother (who I hadn't seen until about 6 months after starting the CG method) asked me if Lindsay (my hairstylist) gave me a perm. Lindsay is well known for doing fantastic perms and my grandmother LOVES perms, and was very surprised when I said no.

2. A lady actually caught up to me in the mall and asked if my hair was natural, colour-wise and texture-wise. I told her my colour wasn't real but the curls were. She said my hair was absolutely beautiful and said I should never change it.
2A/B, low to normal elasticity. curly girl forever~
conditioner: tresemme naturals nourishing conditioner
leave-in: aveeno positively nourishing leave-in treatment
detangling spray: john frieda root awakening detangling spray
mousse: herbal essences tousle me softly mousse