Hi Curilocks!

Thanks so much for all of the great RC info! My hair was colored and I did a BB on 6/30/11, so about 4 1/2 months ago. So the pictures you are seeing are colored hair.

However, I asked her to do my color as close as possible to my natural color. She has been doing my hair since I was 18 and knows my hair color well! So I would say it is a good representation of my natural hair color -- just a bit darker. My hair does have natural red and blonde highlights in it -- and just as you said, it shows in the sun only. More red than blonde, but noticeable outside.

I think I will go for the RC, and would LOVE IT if you could help me pick a shade. On my Fotki page I have an album called "my hair before babies" which is my natural color -- before ever using any color at all.

As I mentioned I only want to cover grey, which is only at the crown and very top of my forehead at the temple area. I worry if it will do damage to the hair. I've been working so hard the last month plus to do everything right, and bring back the curl and health to my hair.

Since going CG, I can't believe how much healthier my hair looks already! It's really amazing! I am doing so much in terms of experimeting with products, and various methods. I do love FSG and make my own. My hubbie calls it my "brew"

One last question -- do sylists/salons use RC? I recently went and got a DevaCurl cut. I know sylists are particular about what they use. Also, if I have to do it myself, do you have tips for me? I've NEVER colored my own hair and I'm nervous at the prospect!

Thank you SO MUCH for your input! Can't wait to hear back what you think would be a good shade to cover grey!
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