Sometimes I get really motivated and stay on the right track for about three weeks then I'll fall off with maybe some chips or something then I'll think to myself "dang I fell off the wagon I can't start over now" =^\ I get so discouraged at times I'm thinking of picking walking/jogging back up in the morning but then I don't want to go by myself so I just don't do anything, but I'm thinking of getting my gym memberships back & getting a personal trainer and MAKING my self get up and at leafy run/walk for a half an hour everyday. My biggest thing is nutrition I rarely eat I really really need to work on that but I downloaded this app called my fitness pal & it helps a WHOLE LOT I really amor this app you ladies bring me so much motivation and strength each & everyday with life,hair and so much more God bless you all!!!! *happy tear* =,) lol adios!