On the coconut oil ( in general). ... It is solid a 76 degrees and liquid above that. I put some in a mini squirt bottle ( not the spray king, the other kind with a flip lid and one hole) that I got fr 99 cents at Walmart. It was liquid ( because it was summer when I did it) so O jist poured it in this container. Now that it is cold out, it is solid in the container, but I either fill the sink with hot water and put it in there, or throw it on the floor of the shower when I shower,

You can use it in solid form fine but I like my little container.
All bets off on finding the perfect products for the curls - focusing on regrowing (50%) hair loss due to
A) Depo Provera (injectable birth control)
B) seborrheic dermatitis
C) stress/diet