I have some goals in mind for the end of this year and beyond. I know next year I want to run a 5K. I despised running when I was much younger but have finally started to embrace it.

I also want to commit myself to exercising at least every other day and hopefully everyday, to gain strength and muscle tone. I have a bike and have been biking close to 3 miles every few days for the last two weeks, which is great. I just have a tendency to start something and then fall off the wagon.

I really have no excuses, I live the near the beach and I can go outside my door and start exercising. Maybe by putting forth my goal here, I will have more accountability.
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I ran a 5k last month and it turned out to be one of the highlights of my year! I ran/walked 3 days a week for about 2 months...then I stopped working out for 2 months...then I thought "I better start taking this seriously", so I took a jog the day before the marathon. I don't suggest my training regime.

All that said, I surprised myself by jogging the majority of the race. The whole experience was awesome, but I really regretted not training for it--I KNOW I could do so much better.

My goal for 2012 will either be to run a 27-minute 5K marathon OR to do a half marathon (no time limits on that one--just surviving will suffice). I will probably settle for the lesser of the two evils, but I haven't figured out which option that would be