I have issues with SPF. Its in everything now, foundations, creams, lotions - first, I think its overkill; second, SPF can cause irritation, and for me, it has, and on my eyelids. I stop using my foundation with sunscreen when this happens (has happened more than once); and the eyelid problem disappears. I emailed Paula's Choice with a q about sunscreens and the gentleman who replied concurred and said he has had eye irritations with sunscreen also. So, I would prefer to find a basic, oil free lotion for the day with no sunscreen. Seems hard to find.
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OK, then I think you need to search for "face lotion" not "day lotion" because just about anything marketed as "day lotion" will have sunscreen.

If you have an Avon rep, ask to try the Mark Calm and Composed face lotion. I think it might be exactly right for you; light and moisturizing but not at all oily. Not enough moisture for someone very dry but the texture probably would feel good to you. No sunscreen in that one.
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