My bf has an 11 yo daughter and she asked me if I can make her a Facebook I said I can't you need to ask your mom and nana and they both said yes... I minister her messages just to make sure she isnt getting out of line... Here is the suturing part a 11 yo boy asks her does she want to f@#%* and went into detail when and where and she said I guess.. I addressed boyhood of them saying to her she doesn't need to respond to that and needs to be respectful because I'm responsible for her having a fb in the first place and I say to him he needs to be more respectful of my daughter thee to young to be talking like that and they need to stay in a child's place etc.. He cusses me out and she changes the password; let me remind you I made it so I can get into it when I want. Should I tell her father what is going on or let it be?