My hair did not like bentonite clay treatment. My hair was dry and started breaking off badly, that was two weeks ago, it's just starting to get back to normal. I was really expecting it to work wonders on my hair like it did for so many other naturals. Could it have been the way that I used it. I mixed it with water then let it sit on my pre pooed hair for about 30 mins under a shower cap. As I was rinsing it out I could feel the middle section of my hair more coarse than normal.

Did I do something wrong?
21, college girl living in the city...

Let's see... my hair is thick, coarse with no defined curl pattern and prone to breakage I guess we can call it 4c

Last relaxer: May 2007

I wore braids until summer 2010 and I'm still learning how to care for my own hair.