I have 2C hair but tried the type 3 creme because it has more hold, less moisturie, which is right for me since I can do too much emollient. I like how it looks., a bit frizz, but one question. I do a lowpoo, every 2-3 days and water rinses in between but have to restyle. Does this stuff come out with just water or does it stay in your hair??? I mean, could I restyle the next day with this product after just a water rinse?? Hope for many opinions! Thanks
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Heheeee!!! nooooooo this will NOT come out with just water!! That's one of the reasons I love it/hate it.

The first time I used it I overdid it and took three different shampoos to get out it!! The second time I used less and it was great, but this is why it leaves my hair moisturized and looking great for days on end. I think I got two week hair with this before when I used it for two strand twists.
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