My mom is very supportive of me going natural but when I showed my sister my big chopped she was like why did I cut my hair so short and I told her because im going natural and I dont want to turn back. So she asked me when it grows out some more I should put a perm and not just wear natural styles and switch it up. Im not mad at my sister because I know its just shes very uneducated of the possibilities of natural hair and all the fly hair styles you can rock with it. And if I wanted to straighten sometimes I could do that to. She thinks natural hair just means afros, dread locks, 2 strand twist etc. Im like no I can also where curly hairstyles, buns etc. Anywayz I cant wait for my hair to get on track so she can see how beautiful it is and I also showed her some pics of my goal. But dont worrying about it girl, sometimes you are not going to have supportive people but there are times in life that you have to be your own support you know.