I continued to get the La Brasiliana Zero Keratin Treatment through July 2011. My hair stylist switched brands and used GK Hair with Juvexin during my last treatment this past October. I immediately noticed a big difference in my hair. The La Brasiliana Zero treatment is not supposed to use formaldehyde while the GK Hair with Juvexin does contain some formaldehyde in the stronger formulas. I have to admit that I was not happy when I learned of the formaldehyde content, as I purposely tried to avoid it. I must also admit that the GK Hair product worked a lot BETTER than the La Brasiliana Zero. The GK Hair formula comes in varying strengths (Wavy/Curly/Resistant). Here is my feedback...

  • Soft, shiny, bouncy and super easy to manage my natural hair!
  • More soft, shiny, bouncy and manageable than with the La Brasiliana treatment.
  • The GK Hair treatment lasts up to 5 months while La Brasiliana lasted 3 months.
  • I can air dry my hair (fast) and pull it into a nice bun to keep heat off of my hair.
  • I can flat iron my hair in less than 30 minutes!
  • Smells better (post shampoo) than La Brasiliana treatment.
  • I can wash the treatment out of my hair after 2 full days instead of 4 full days.
  • My hair is not nearly as waxy or sticky while waiting to wash out the treatment.

  • More expensive treatment than La Brasiliana.
  • GK Hair Resistant formula contains formaldehyde.
  • My hair is way too straight and I am not able to wear my curly afro with this treatment! The only saving grace is that I wash and go in the warm months, and this treatment will pretty much last me through the Fall and Winter months. When it warms up again, I will definitely try a different GK Hair formula that is not as strong (Wavy/Curly).
  • My curl pattern/texture totally went from 3c to 3 with the GK Hair treatment. It loosened up way too much for my personal taste. My natural curl pattern did not change with the La Brasiliana product, it was simply smoother and not frizzy or puffy. Some people may count this as a PRO, but I do not.

The bottom line is that I will get the GK Hair treatment again. I will simply move down a strength to retain my naturally curly afro. As with La Brasiliana, the GK Hair treatment washes out over time and your natural texture gradually reverts back. My hair is so much easier to manage with GK Hair, even more so than with La Brasiliana. I am constantly getting compliments on my hair. I have been natural for two years and will NEVER go back to relaxing. I love the versatility of being able to go straight or curly.