Sooo, my hair type is 3a, and I recently cut it into a bob. When it was long, I would pineapple it and it would work out just fine, but not anymore, since my hair is too short to pile on my head.

I sleep on a cotton pillow case with nothing on my head trying to be careful to not crush my curls too bad. When I wake up, my curls are limp, flat (especially at the top, my hair is heavy), and frizzy. I've tried spraying it with some spray gel and then a little diffusing, but that doesn't really do much. Just makes it look...sad. Rarely does it have that wind-kissed, wild look.
Every now and then I cover up my not-so-curly curls by pulling it back, but who wants to do that all the time?

So, I'm asking for tips on preserving my nice 'n' round curls overnight!
and also if you have any tips on making my hair toward the top of my head a little springier, that would help. Please recommend any products, tricks, or types of scarves you may use to achieve lovely second-day hair!
Maybe a light product good for refreshing and defrizzing?

Thank you sooooo much!