You don't have to soak your hair wet everyday. You can also re-style/refresh a wng on damp hair. It should dry faster that way too.
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What is wng?

I am also dealing with this problem, and live in cooooold Detroit so I can't wear my hair wet in the winter. I've already purchased a North Face silken fleece hat, and my head is still cold when wet! Based on a suggestion of another curlie's thread about winter hair, last night I washed my hair, added LI, hemp oil and styler, and placed it in 8 braids. She said her hair is dry in the a.m., but I have *very* thick 3b/4a hair. Now it is 24 hours later and my hair is still damp. So that isn't going to work for me in this cold winter air.

I pineapple my hair at night, but it never looks as good as the first day.

I don't want to resort to wearing a wig in the winter! Are there any other suggestions on how to wear curly hair in the cold?
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