Is it weird that it bugs me that a FB friend (from high school) who has decided to bake cakes for a living is shilling her cupcakes on her status? Like, create a FB page for your business, but posting status updates about how you should take advantage of a 10% discount of her recent cupcake creation just rubs me the wrong way.

Plus this just bugged:

So my Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes are a success!! These cupcakes are made with 100% homemade pumpkin puree, homemade Whipped cream frosting and homemade Caramel.
I don't know, if you're making cakes professionally, it's kind of expected that you wouldn't use whipped cream out of a can! And what else would you use but homemade caramel? At most it's just sugar, water, and maybe lemon to prevent crystallization, maybe salt. Nobody is selling caramel. Caramel sauce, yes, but you'd have to be a terrible business owner to cough up the money for caramel sauce instead of making it yourself far more cheaply.
Maybe it's because I'm not the target audience that I find myself mostly rolling my eyes rather than salivating.