YES!!! Buffy rant!
I've been wanting you to get to this one so much so we could talk about Willow for a bit.
So, one of the complaints for this season is that they seemingly couldn't stick to one story development for Willow, so they ended up going somewhere stupid (MagicCrack). It turns out that it was fear that Willow couldn't be redeemed. There's conflicting stories about whether Alyson Hannigan herself asked for the story to go in a different direction early on when they were hinting towards power corruption early on. Hence MagicCrack and killing off Tara. That way, Willow isn't just power-hungry and evil as she assumes the role of the Big Bad this season.

I don't think this is a spoiler since it doesn't really make a difference on Buffy this or next season, but Warren actually comes back to life and shows up on Angel, which is ******** since she completely killed him!

The Spike thing is another baffling plot point to season 6 haters.

The official sassy recaps thread? Heh. Can't wait whatever you decide to do!
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To the bolded: Whaaaat?! Willow tore his skin off! After forcing a bullet through his heart! Dude is really and sincerely dead. How on earth did they get around that? (Also, why? That character sucked.)

That's why spells became drugs despite also simultaneously being nothing like drugs?? It didn't even add anything in the end! The MagicCrack doesn't make Willow more sympathetic in this fight - all of the dialogue about how this will "destroy Willow" could have been (and sounded like it was) about how using magic for big tasks like killing could piss off the Powers that Be (speaking of which, are there ever consequences for her bellowing Osiris away?) and Willow could be controlled by the Dark Ones forever, possibly mixed with the same sort of issue that made Faith gradually self-destruct after killing that one dude. Why did they give up on what they already had in the resurrection scene, where Willow got in way over her head being consumed and ravaged by dark magic? The possibility of her being swallowed up by the darkness in her rage would be far more sympathetic and make far more sense than this stupid addiction thing.

This assumes that they'd have killed Tara off regardless. I think that since Joss hates happiness so much, he couldn't resist wrecking their cuteness. If he managed to restrain himself and just had Willow corrupted by power, though, he could have played it as her losing control to the awesome power she was trying to use, like he already sort of was, and she could totally have come back from that because it's like an internal version of thinking your pet werewolf will always obey your commands. I really wish the writers had just trusted what they had and maybe sat Hannigan down to explain that simple is better if she did ask for a change. Even if Willow tried to destroy the universe or kill all the other main characters under those conditions, the viewers would totally still take her back.

Spike...Spike. It's like the writers weren't required to follow the rules of the Buffy-verse this season: it's been established since day one that Buffy has superstrength, but this season it's okay to inexplicably remove that power for the sake of contrived rape drama; magic has been established since its introduction as a set of skills that can take you into increasingly dangerous spiritual territory, but this season it can also be drugs, no matter how little sense it makes; etc. And they made the trio. That is just plain wrong.

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