I hate the phone company. We have an unlimited internet plan. We just got an email saying that we use too much bb and they're going to start charging us $10 for every 50 mb we go over. If we use too much, then they need to do some serious freaking upgrades.
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"It's called unlimited" but they're charging you extra for going over a quota? That's rich.
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exactly. I don't see how we could be using that much. We don't download or upload a lot. Both me and my husband subscribes to an online game, and we have netflix. Of an evening, any combination of the two might occur at the same time. IMO if they can't handle two games, or a game and a movie played at the same time 2 hours a night, they have serious problems.

Last time we talked to them, they offered us an "elite" package with faster speed. We said sure, then they said oops sorry someone in your apartment complex already has it.