I hope I can offer some help!! I've had hair thinning and lots of shedding for almost 10 years now. After all these years of freaking out and thinking I was going bald (I'm definitely not bald, but my hair is thin and icky), I finally found something that seems to be helping. I went to my local health food store to buy Biotin, but the owner steered me to Biosil instead. I've used one bottle and have noticed a significant reduction in hair shedding, and the texture is so much better. Biosil is concentrated Orthosilicic Acid, which helps with bone strengthening, nail and hair growth. I've been taking the liquid kind - 10 drops into a small cup of OJ in the am and pm.

Here's what I've noticed so far (I've been taking it for a month):

1. Waaaaaay less shedding after a week or two. I used to wake up in the morning with a hamster's worth of hair on my pillow. Okay, maybe it wasn't quite that much, but there really was a lot. Also, in the shower I don't feel like my hands are full of gobs or hair. Maybe one to five hairs - nothing major.

2. Waaaaaay better texture. The texture of my hair was so bad. It looked like a million pieces of hair had broken off near the crown. I was doing CG with Devachan products for about four years and didn't dry my hair, put it in ponytails or anything! There was no reason for it to be breaking off like that, but it did anyway. Now that seems to have stopped, and all the sticky-upy pieces are blending into my hair normally.

3. Less itchy head!

4. Some potential extra growth. It's too soon to really tell, but there *might* be extra growth.

Last week, I started taking Viviscal too. Viviscal is comprised of fish extracts, and is supposed to help with growth. I have no idea if it is doing anything yet.

I hope this helps!!!