The last time I colored my hair, I used Naturtint. I like the results, although it came out a little darker than I had planned. It's time to color again and I'm afraid to use this product again. Here's why...

I followed all the directions and then proceeded to rinse out. As I stood under the water, my hair started to feel drier and drier. Very straw-like. Really really straw-like. I almost jumped out of the shower to make sure my hair wasn't falling out. So in my state of panic, I opened the conditioner that came with it and slathered it ALL on very quickly. My hair felt immediately better and just about normal again. I DT'd a couple of days later and everything was fine. I did have some breakage the next week, but I think that was from a coconut oil experiment.

The package says that the conditioner finishes the process. Actually its called a conditioner/activator or something like that. So is this normal? Did it just open the cuticle a lot and the final step closed it? Or is there something in the hair color that my hair just really disliked?

Not sure what to do. Nothing I've read about others who have used this suggests that they experienced anything like this. Should I go back to regular drug store color. I'm scared to try henna because I already have color and I've read you have to be really careful or you could end up with bluish or greenish hair. I've read about Robert Craig, but it sounds complicated and I'm not sure about it covering grey.

Any thoughts about any of this?
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I haven't used Naturtint but I can comment on the bolded. What leads you to believe that RC Color is complicated? It's very easy to use, mixes with water alone, no smell or harsh chemicals. And as far as grey coverage - my sister and I can attest to the fact that it works (as well as many curlies here)! You can see my pictures in my fotki, and I can tell you there is quite a bit of grey in my crown especially. In fact, you can see it in some of the pictures as they were taken when I needed a touch up.

LMK if you have questions about it, I can help.

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