I have to wake up at 6:45 am. I'm going to be at that place until 6:30 pm as the best case scenario if I can nudge my ride enough. I'm bringing my ride an article I'm writing about an event she ran and I volunteered at, which I wanted to write because it's what I do...but I only have the intro done and I don't feel I have enough information about what went into the event to really cover it well enough. I wasn't in on the planning and seem to have asked the wrong questions about it. And it's now 2:01 am. Do I subconsciously want to fall deathly ill and not have to deal with any of this crap anymore? Because, self, then you would have to deal with being deathly ill. God, I hope I can get some sleep and not have an extra reason to be a zombie tomorrow.

Oh for the love of -- I didn't pack my lunch for tomorrow! I am so dumb. I am really dumb. For real. Why do I keep failing at life?!

How am I going to write this article???

It's 2:07. Craaaaap.

...It's a siggie.