I hate having to deal with work BS first thing in the morning.

A couple of days ago, we overturned a plan member's denial for personal care worker services (home health aide in everyday parlance). As per protocol, I had to email several higher ups advising them of the decision and the rationale. In the e-mail, I gave them the name of the nurse in my department and my director's boss. I was under the impression that my director's boss concurred with our decision. Now my director states in her e-mail to me that her boss did NOT agree with our decision. The department made an administrative decision to approve the service mainly to avoid the likelihood of the member taking it to an higher level and having it overturned by an external entity. I wasn't supposed to have put her name in my e-mail to the higher ups. Well, if I had known that your boss didn't concur with our decision, I wouldn't have associated her name with it. This is going to turn into a lovely day ::sarcasm::
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