Thanks Phoenix!

Aww thanks for the wishes ladies

And yay! Spring is on my side! I swear I really don't know how you all manage in heels and I'm totally jealous. I wish I could be a woman who is comfy in heels and could strut my stuff. Hmph
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Some are more comfortable than others. Wide is easier than thin, rounded toe more comfortable than pointed, platforms give a smaller angle than they appear. The fit is very important, go up a size if necessary. You need to make sure you have room in the toes because your foot will slide down a little. The right shoe will allow that without going to far or rubbing blisters. And padding is a must. A lot of cheap heels don't have any at all, and that's almost as bad as walking barefoot in the street.
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Hmm, I have a few pairs of heels in different styles, and I'm always in pain. I have inserts in all my shoes, they are a must. My right foot is more problematic for me, there's a certain pressure around the ankle that makes it more painful. When I get some health insurance, I'll definitely have to try to see a podiatrist (sp?). I always wonder if it's the shape of my feet or some other issue.
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It's probably the shoes are wrong for the shape of your foot. There are certain styles that I just cannot be comfortable or look good in because of my foot shape. I have finger toes, and my second toe is my longest. Some shoes just won't work.

And there's no reason why you have to wear heels. You can get the most fashionable outfit in the world, but it won't look that great if you're not comfortable in it. I wear heels because I love them. But I see no reason why anyone else should. I find the expectations on women's looks to be offensive. The idea that we're not good enough, that we have to buy all this (often expensive ) crap to be acceptable. Go tell men they have to wear make-up to get a job with less pay then we'll talk.