Yep, that's two that I don't even know where to start because everything is usually so, so wrong and baffling. Sigh.

I cooked for everybody at the office one night. The owner had bought Filet Mignon and lobster tails, and I cooked some pan fried potatoes with bacon, and rosemary, then grilled asparagus with lemon and crushed red pepper....I butter poached the lobster tails and grilled the filet's to perfection then made a bearnaise for the filet.....

When it was time to eat, I watched one of the guys go to the fridge, grab a bottle of ketchup and asked if we had any tartar sauce. I was confused as to what to use ketchup on, or tatar sauce for that matter. He poured ketchup on the filet followed by several others, and opined how great it would have been to have tartar sauce for the lobster tails. Two people used the bearnaise and looked with horror along with myself over what was going on. Everybody liked the potato side although a few put yet more ketchup on those as well. The asparagus was eaten as is by all except two whom had never had it before, yet refused to try it.
The horror! My soul weeps. I can't even.