Hi curlies, I am looking for advice / experiences in recovering from this. I believe I did it in July on my trip to Scotland, because I walked and hiked a LOT and loved it, but in my notions of efficient international packing I just took a pair of rather elderly (but not worn out) running shoes, instead of my hiking boots.

I avoid going barefoot, and I sleep with a night splint. I also try to stretch before exertion, like dance class (not willing to give up dance class yet, although I did invest in a pair of dance sneakers). The pain is actually mild and doesn't really interfere with activities, but I wonder if I should be doing more to "cure" it?

If anyone is asking why don't I go to a doctor, the reason is that I went freelance recently and although I do have catastrophic insurance, this would be completely out of pocket but I will go if everybody says I should.

Does it really take 6 to 18 months to get better, which is what I read in an article online? Why does it take so long? Is this because staying off our feet isn't really an option for most of us? Would that help anyway?

I also read that "older" people are at higher risk for this, and was a little depressed about that, because on my trip I was asked more than once if I was a student in my Gap year, probably because I acted like one, staying in hostels, dancing until midnight, staying up to see the sunrise on the beach, hiking up mountains. It was a great trip, and I ignored the plantar fasciitis until I got home in mid-August. I'll be 49 in January, by the way.

I tell myself that people of any age can get this, although I never did until now, even when I ran 10Ks. Still, it's a reminder that I'm not 24 anymore

thanks for any advice!