My Aunt taught me how to crochet a couple years ago...omg just realizing it's more like 6. I made my new nephew a blanket and since then I've been hooked. (haha, crochet pun!)

Bekka, what I love about crochet is you don't need multiple hooks (unless you like to keep everything for each project together). I just loop a safety pin onto where I left off and then I can pick it back up when I want! Usually I just make 1 or 2 things at a time.

I'm making some baby booties and hopefully a hat for my sister who is expecting and some baby bath puppets. I'm also going to do an iPad case for my friend for her step-mom for christmas. I usually do up a bunch of dishcloths too. I want to make me some pot holders for the new place too!

Anyone with extra time or just a little I highly recommend this project. Scarves for Special Olympics They get handmade scarves for every athlete and volunteer. They have specific colors each year so everyone has some uniformity. You can send to whichever program you wish. I am doing it for Maine because my cousin competes and it's always on the coldest weekend of the year! They are partnered with Red Heart so the yarn is inexpensive. You can do any pattern as long as it meets their length requirements to ensure that it will fit most everyone.