Wow, me too. For some reason both times I used pure coconut oil, my hair was like straw. No idea why, but I put that away quick.
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Hi Denise, coconut oil is too harsh for the hair due to its molecular structure. What is much better is to order "raw coconut cream" online. This is pureed coconut meat, passed through a juicer. It's edible, real food, but amazing on the hair. Here's where I buy mine from. It's amazing. Very pricey but amazing! It's what hair needs, real food Original Living Coconut > Products
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Disagree. First, there's plenty of anecdotal evidence from the many, various people who regularly use coconut oil on their hair and reap lots of benefits from it. Second, there's plenty of scientific bases for understanding how coconut oil is beneficial to hair.
Mineral Oil Versus Coconut Oil: Which is better?
"The presence of coconut oil inside the cortex of hair provides multiple benefits. It acts as a plasticizer to soften the hair and provide more flexibility and toughness. Coconut oil also increases retention of keratin molecules within the hair shaft, which reduces protein erosion that normally occurs during wash cycles. Continuous loss of protein over time from routine washing damages hair and can result in color fading, split ends, and breakage, so anything that can moderate this phenomenon is beneficial.

An additional advantage to coconut oil inside the hair shaft is that it decreases the amount of swelling of the hair shaft that normally occurs when immersed in water. Normally, when hair is saturated with water during the washing process, it absorbs up to 30% or more of its weight in water. This causes each strand to swell considerably, which can lead to several undesirable effects. Increasing the diameter of the hair shaft causes the outer covering of cuticle scales to lift and separate, which increases tangling and breakage. But, perhaps more subtle, is the damage done over time from many cycles of expansion and contraction."

I suspect if someone's hair really can't tolerate protein, or it holds onto too much protein relentlessly, then the statement about coconut oil increasing the retention of keratin molecules perhaps has something to do with why coconut oil doesn't work for that person's hair. But it's not the case categorically that "coconut oil is too harsh for the hair".

The thing is, coconut oil (like most other things that get any kind of mixed reviews on here on these forums) shows how individual each person's hair is. There's always something that one person swears is an HG but at the same time is something that someone else swears wreaks total havoc on their hair. So in the end, if it's working for your hair, stick with it. If it's not, then don't.
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