I have to agree with you there feralcurls! Though atm it seems i've bought the melbourne weather with me to Adelaide!
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I think you have!
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really does. The last few days have been good weather though.
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Hi I'm new to cg after 23 years of hating my combination 3a 3b frizzy dry mop. I've lived in both Melbourne and the goldcoast both very harsh conditions for my hair,at the moment I'm struggling with learning to love my hair and embrace it as it's always dry and frizzy and won't grow I've been stuck with the same haircut for almost a decade ive done all the wrong things to my hair straighten,extensions ect all to mask this mess so u can imagine how ecstatic I am to find curly girls just like me but most of all I am struggling to find cg hair products in Australia and how to execute the method I'm completely a newbie to this forum and I hope I'm commenting in the right place (I'm also technology challenged lol how embarrassing at 23yrs old lol) I'm completely at my wits end with my hair and any help would b a godsend as my whole life I've had no information on what to do with my hair or how to care for it I don't even know were my curls came from every person in my family have blue eyes fair skin and long straight beautiful hair except for me I have brown eyes olive skin curly hair and no idea what ethnicity I am cuz i dnt know my bio dad so I have found painfully hard to search for answers to my hair as I have only ever found info for curly hair for mixt chics or African American hair could anyone help me with info please ?