I was a hair model (for this service) at the salon I have been going to for 10+ years. I've been growing my hair out and had Keratin straightening treatment (which I loved) twice before, the last time about 8 weeks prior to b and b treatment. I didn't like what it did to my hair at all. The front (which is admittedly straighter than the back normally) turned out stick (a la Japanese straightening) straight while the back was still pretty curly- and two weeks out is curlier still while the front has seen little return to its normal curl. It's safe to say I hate my hair now and just sent my stylist and SOS message regarding this. It's supposed to wash out in 30 washes, so I wash my hair everyday and the reversion is slow. I don't know if the outcome would have been different if I hadn't been receiving the Keratin treatments previously. I'll keep you posted about my hair's recovery, but for now it's safe to say my hair is a hot mess. Unfortunately. One other note is the salon ran out of hot water which is how they're supposed to remove the product from my hair (they're not used to having all bowls running hot water for 10 mins at the same time, for multiple sets of clients, so this might have played a part too.) This was the first time the entire salon had done this, and I've always trusted them before this and have never been unhappy. So although I'm not pleased with the product it might be different on someone else's hair). I'm curious to see how people feel as the product is launched.