When I was a teenager my grandmother and mother always told me I shouldn't wear purple because it's a bad color for me. They wouldn't allow me to buy any purple clothes. Now I'm a grown up and pink and purple have always been my favorite color so I buy a lot of that color. My helmet for skating is pink.

ANYWAY, I was touring a warehouse and a photographer snapped a couple pictures of me. I've been losing weight so one of them is me from behind that I particularly like because I'm getting a nice waistline.

the other is just me looking at something on my phone with a teammate. My fall jacket is too big for me but I still wear it.

So I'm talking to my friend who saw the pictures and said I'm looking really good and then added, "but you need to ditch that jacket, its shape does you no favors." The way she said it made me laugh. A couple days later I repeated that anecdote, laughingly, to my mother who said, "The color is also very bad on you."

Well, WHATever. I like the color. And I'm kind of annoyed mainly because I feel like one comment was actually a compliment about my weight loss and my mom's was just a way to dig in that she hates the color of my clothes. She continued on that it makes my skin look bad and washes me out.

So do you have any colors that you won't wear because you think the color is bad on you? Clearly, I don't. I stay away from red, but only because I feel as though it's too bold as a color for me and it makes me uncomfortable to dress boldly.

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