Hello dbvais and La Rizada and other curlies in Spain!

I moved to Madrid a month ago and since then I've been completely confused with my hair, which is getting very dry and frizzy despite the tons of moisturizing products I use to care for it (which used to work fine for me before in cold and humid seaside Helsinki). I developed split ends in just 3 weeks after arriving, even though I thought I was taking very good care of my locks as I was using Aubrey Organics White Camellia as my rinse-out condish and Aubrey's Honeysuckle Rose as my leave-in, followed by a natural gel based on peppermint distillate, green tea, xanthan gum, glycerin and sugar.

I'm not as curly as you two, and I try to be as organic and natural as possible, so I usually avoid the brands that are sold at supermarkets etc. and try to get my haircare stuff at health food stores and similar places. Unfortunately the selection of natural haircare stuff is very very limited (or hard to find!) here, so now I'm even thinking of resorting to more traditional methods, as long as they're CG.

So I'd really appreciate it if you could share your experiences and especially product recomendations.

I've been told I should only use humectants and proteins in rinse-out products, but avoid them in leave-in products, as otherwise they'll strip humidity from my hair and make the situation worse. I just wonder what's left exept 'cones if you can't use humectants nor proteins? Please help me if you can.

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