Does anyone know of a way or a place where I can find out what certain ingredients and methods do to my hair without having to guess if the person knows what they are talking about. I have seen so much incorrect info being shared on blogs, Youtube, etc. that I just want to know that what I'm reading is true. For instance rather than putting molasses in my hair just because some random person says it gives shine and moisture, I want to know from a reliable source what is in an ingredient that makes it work and why. What does honey do to my hair? Why? What does sodium hydroxide to do my hair? Why? I love asking these kinds of question here on but theres so much potential for being misinformed by people who don't know what they're talking about that I just want to get around all of that.

P.S. I have purchased "The Science of Black Hair" and I have being referring to 's ingredients dictionary, but these still don't answer all of my questions. I need mooore!
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