So I did weights & cardio yesterday and another spinning class early today. I have to say that I really liked this instructor as well so I will probably switch up my routine a little now and do 2 days a week of spinning, 2 days a week of weights/ cardio and one day of just cardio now with 2 days of rest.

I was a little thrown off when I stepped on the scale today bc I picked up 2 lbs but my measurements have consistently gone down all over and my clothes fit looser. I know muscle weighs more than fat and I have added consistent weight training to my exercise reggie so I'm hoping that accounts for the weight gain?

Anyway is everyone else still motivated and ready for 2012?!
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Wow, you're really motivated. Great job! And yeah with your workout routine, I would have to believe the +2 is the muscle factor or maybe just random bloating that day.