So I did weights & cardio yesterday and another spinning class early today. I have to say that I really liked this instructor as well so I will probably switch up my routine a little now and do 2 days a week of spinning, 2 days a week of weights/ cardio and one day of just cardio now with 2 days of rest.

I was a little thrown off when I stepped on the scale today bc I picked up 2 lbs but my measurements have consistently gone down all over and my clothes fit looser. I know muscle weighs more than fat and I have added consistent weight training to my exercise reggie so I'm hoping that accounts for the weight gain?

Anyway is everyone else still motivated and ready for 2012?!
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Wow, you're really motivated. Great job! And yeah with your workout routine, I would have to believe the +2 is the muscle factor or maybe just random bloating that day.
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Thanks. I'm trying to stick w/it instead of being on that cycle of going strong for a while then falling off again like I sometimes do. I think my gym really helps bc I have such a variety of things I can do and worse case scenario if I don't have anyone to watch my child I can always bring him w/me to the child care center and still get in a good workout so no excuses there either you know?!

You have to be really motivated as well to be running for 4miles! Lol. I'm trying to get back into running too however after my surgery I'm not quite there yet.

So today was another day of spinning and we focused on endurance which isn't as easy as it sounds but was a good workout none the less. I was talking to the trainer as well ab the weight training/weight gain and she was saying the same thing ab the muscle/just general weight fluctuations we have as women. So I'm gonna step away from the scale so much and just stay focused on my goals.

We really don't have that much time left in 2011 ladies!
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