I just checked out your blog, M2LR. You make your own yarn?! That's too cool! Are you still making any?

eta: And yes I spend hours drooling over patterns too.. I have about 36 items in my queue to work on. Right now I'm only working on one project, but I want to start a few more.
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I haven't been spinning too much recently, but I've been buying the "bare" skeins from Knit Picks and dyeing them. Some of the colors come out terrible when I try and hand paint, so doing monochromatic
works better for me.

works better for me.
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Have you tried kettle dying? That is my next project. I like hand painting; but it is so messy and time consuming, kettle dying is supposed to be quicker and less messy. I am going to use my old crock pot with one of the liners you can get.

I stated dying yarn about 18 months ago and finally got the hang of knitting about a year ago. I tried for years but it eventually just clicked. I really like knittinghelp.com.

So far I have not done a lot. For dd- a hat, capris, mitts. a top. For ds2 a blanket (which took a lot if time) and a hat. I need to make ds1 a hat, even though I haven't had time to knit since the babe was born in august...that should be a quick knit. My goal for 2012 is 12 projects...about one a month. I am also on rav. Deezee02 there too!
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Pretty much all I do is kettle dying now. I use a pot on the stove, and it's totally less messy and I can leave it on the stove at low heat, walk away for a few, come back and see if the dye has been absorbed, etc.