My bridesmaid dress (for my mums wedding 5 years ago) was sky blue and was a separate corset and long skirt.
The corset is stunning and I still wear it when I go to more high end clubs..I would never wear it somewhere divey. I took off the straps a long time ago and usually wear black or grey jeans and stick a black blazer over it and some long necklaces and some cute earings. It's rocking kind of lost as to how to wear it any other way tho! I have a very strange style tho :')

My prom dress was very formal too, deep fushia silk, floor length, slim skirt and corset style top (can u tell I like corsets? I have a 23inch waist so there the only thing that fits super well) ...this dress I cut shorter to just above knee and wear to weddings and such with a fur shrug/jacket and cute shoes

I love the dress in the your post OP it's gorgeous! Maybe you can wear it to a different wedding as a guest with a waist belt, some sort of jacket or blazer and nice jewellery?
Mixture of 2c/3a curls, fine to med texture


Wishing my hair would be more like this ------>
and less like this --------->