That is the correct website. Organic Color Systems is a great line. After carrying it for a few months, I realized that it opened up my salon for a whole new group of customers. Consumers are becoming genuinely angry about companies not being transparent with their ingredients and business practices, and Organic Color Systems is the only hair color company out there that runs their business with the goal of having the most natural products without sacrificing results.

They have a dedicated following, as I would guess you will soon be a part of after you see the results it can give you and your hair When I decided to become an "Organic Hair Colorist", I saw my salon go from a run of the mill hair salon to a specialized organic and "safe" salon. We now attract customers with how safe our organic products are and keep them coming back for more with the absolutely amazing results you can get with OCS.

Of course, this isnt a line you can use by yourself. This line is for serious hair colorists and stylists who want to really see shockingly beautiful, movie-like results for every client that comes through their door. If you arent the type of person to go to a salon to get your hair colored often, keep this line in mind when you need an ultra high quality color job and NEED to look AMAZING, because that is what this line is best at!

I have never heard of it before. This is all I found --
Organic Color Systems Packages

It looks like their lowest level of peroxide they use is 10%. That isn't really bad but it's going to be more harsh than RC Color.

Most salons will not apply color for you if they do not carry the brand. I think it's a liability thing.

If your hair is healthy, you should be ok with this, but make sure they use a light enough color so you don't get darker hair.

If not, try the RC route. It will be much cheaper!
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