I tried an egg in a hair treatment. My rinse water wasn't cool enough. I looked like I fell asleep in a plate of scrambled eggs. I could not get it all out. The funniest part, I've done it more than once.

One time I left a bathroom not realizing the back of my skirt got tucked in my hose. Thankfully someone pointed it out to me before I got far.

I ran out of clean socks. I was planning on wearing my calf boots, so I just grabbed something from the odd sock drawer. I completely forgot about it until that evening when I ended up at a packed shoe store. They were very badly mismatched, like purple and yellow or something like that. I got a some weird looks.

For a while my son thought condoms were balloons. He would sneak them out of the drawer to blow them up. One of them ended up just under the couch, just barely peeking out. We didn't notice it until the ILs came to visit.

My son one time pulled a look what I can do trick on me. I turn around and he's butt naked except for this small cup we keep on the bathroom sink. Without thinking I blurt out "Get your penis out of that cup!" Then I remembered I was on the phone.