So I officially started the cg method properly well as good as I can before I was using conditioner and products with cone and sulfate but using the method of only shampooing like twice a week max but I just went out to woolworths and got the garnier fructis triple oil the one suggested.
First i used my sulfate shampoo to get all the cones out of my hair first to start properly and then the garnier fructis condish then because I dnt have a leave in with no cones I used my garnier condish as my leave in along with garner curl mouse (not intirely sure if its cone free then lastly scrunched my hair with a t shirt and now letting it air dry
but I'm finding as I'm seeing it dry it is very soft wich is great but my curl is barely there and frizzy is this normal for transitioning? Should I b using more condish or mouse in my hair? Is the mouse garnier fructis curl controll with bamboo extract cg approved? But this is for sure I'm sticking it out so like everyone says trial and error I guess