I'm 40 now and been trying to grow my hair longer for about 2 years. It seems stuck at shoulder length. It'll get to a little below that, but need a trim and poof! all my progress gets trimmed off with the split ends. (I get a Deva cut about once every 6 months)

Does anyone else find that their hair grows slower now as opposed to when they were in their 20s/30s? Well, early 30s.
My hair's texture/density also seems to be changing. It used to be thicker and more coarse, and it's thinning now. I still have alot of hair, but it's not as thick and as heavy as it used to be. I remember my mom's hair doing the same thing. She always had thin hair, but hers got really, really thin after she turned 40 and into her 50s. She's 60 now and her hair is super thin. And she has lost very nearly all her curl, but I think that is more due to straightening it every day for too many years.

Any advice on how to grow my hair? I actually want it BSL and I just can't get there. I used to have it BSL when I was in college and it was so pretty, then I did a BC and its never been long since. Thanks!
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